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Sustainable Sales System™

Experience , our Sustainable Sales System™ that helps you grow your business continuously and expand to Europe. Our offer exists of four parts:

  1. Identify the market: industries and high potential customers therein
  2. Professional approach of customers
  3. Identify decision processes and influence them
  4. Close the deals

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Christian T. Fürst: +491784778404

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Down to earth on the competitive edge

Consultative system approach: SW development (system architecture, project management, support)
Customer development and exploitation: Consulting with Task Force (fire extinguisher, "Red Adair") with dedicated young professionals.

  1. We deal with the hands-on solutions, and derive from the same trends
  2. We plan systematically for the future
  3. We are vested with the problems of the present, analyze the trends of the future and generate solutions for the present

You are scheduled to invading the european market?

Opportunities and prospects in western Europe.

  • The declining economic cycle revealed substantial organizational needs in streamlining organizational cost, cost in business processes etc. in German, British, Italian and other West European companies.
  • The increasing economic cycle, that is projected by international scientific sources to grow and will enforce pressure on firms to optimize and invest in their IT structures and capabilities.
  • Therefore, vast business opportunities are at hand to software firms specialized in providing custom tailored IT solutions.
  • Due to our expertise in software engineering and business development, we are in the position to support our clients targeted to the Western European market in both ways.